Technical data for DSS1

Suction capacity:

One rig drilling up to 127mm holes och two rigs drilling up to 76mm holes


3 phase 400V, 32 amp

Diameter suction hose:

125mm / 5"


Custom made lift dumper container holding 8 m3

Dust Collector DSS1

DSS1 is an electrically powered dust collector made for dust free rock drilling. Typical areas of use for DSS1 is rock drilling where there are high demands on dust free enviroment such as cities, factorys, near sensitive buildings or in tunnels under ground.

DSS1 is connected to the drilling rigs existing suction cover. Up to 60 meters of suction hose can be connected. 

A pneumatic filter cleaning system cleans the filters automatically during non-stop operation . Only a 3 phase 32 amp connection is required.

Emptying and replacement of the container is done with a lift dumper truck.