Technical data for DSS3


3 phase 400V, 32 amp

Diameter suction hose:

76 mm / 3""


Custom made container holding 650 lites with both lifting mounts and fork pockets.

Dust Collector DSS3

DSS3 is our smallest dust collector. Due to it´s small size it reaches in very narrow spaces. The container that holds about 650 liters and it´s 3" hose connection makes this setup ideal for everything from handheld drilling up to smaller drill rigs like Sandvik´s Commando or Epiroc´s T15.

Available with water/dust separator for drilling with water or without separator, for dry drilling.

DSS3 is connected to a suction cover for handheld drilling or to the drilling rigs existing suction cover. Up to 60 meters of suction hose can be connected.

A pneumatic filter cleaning system cleans the filters automatically during non-stop operation . Only a 3 phase 32 amp connection is required.

Emptying and replacement of the container is done with a fork lift or excavator.